Terms and conditions

What is the payment for?

This is a service used by Car Dealers, Repair and Workshops and Car Rental companies (the merchant) to provide the following services to vehicle owners and renters (the customer):

  1. confirm the identity of vehicle owners and renters
  2. confirm a valid driver license
  3. accept signatures for vehicle service orders and car rental agreements
  4. accept payment for vehicle repairs and service and car rentals
  5. store credit card information to pay toll fees and fines at a later time
  6. provide access to vehicle keys and vehicle retrieval outside regular opening hours


The customer receives information by email and/or SMS at the contact information provided to the merchant in the Service Order when the vehicle was delivered.

The email/SMS includes information about where the vehicle is parked and a link to a website with instructions how to pay and pick up the vehicle keys. The vehicle keys are placed in a secure, locked cabinet nearby the garage, which can only be opened by following the link in the email/SMS.


The merchant will send a detailed invoice statement to the customer.


The customer should get in touch with the merchant for a refund.

Payment options

Payments are handled by one of the following payment providers:

This service

The physical key cabinet and this electronic service is provided by Sharebox.